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  • This is a new material can be arbitrary shape, will be available after Polymorph Thermoplastic pour in hot water to soften the hand DIY shape any shape. 
  • This is environmental protection material, reusable, and light weight. Soak in boiling water, change more faster. 
  • Due to heating for Polymorph Thermoplastic features rapid change, from solid white particles into a transparent soft clay.When Polymorph Thermoplastic cooling to room temperature, it become white and as hard as stone model, Polymorph Thermoplastic again after heating and cooling can be reused many times. 


  • This is an ideal new material, can be as a fixer, suitable for DIY enthusiasts, artists, creators, sculptors, machine manufacturing experts - or anyone who likes making or repairing things! 


  • Color: White 
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Size: Small granular, diameter of about 3 mm/0.12 in 



  • So you need is an idea for a start, a bowl of hot water, your hands, you can become a super built. 

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