Therapeutic Panties

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The MOST HEALTHY Magnetic Panties with lots of benefits that release energy. Thanks to magnetic particles! 



  • 24 Bionic magnets of high technology and antimicrobial carbon ions.
  • Silver-ions embedded in the embroidery to promote health
  • Antibacterial magnetic infrared fiber helps combat uncomfortable odors
  • Enhance immune system function, enhance the body immunity.
  • Increase the activity of the skin, beautify the skin epidermis.
  • Relieve local pain, improve the pain of waist and stomach. 

  • The Therapeutic Panties act as an anti-inflammatory, eliminates problems of cysts and quickly kills bacteria and infections. 
  • A survey also shows that 80% of patients with problems of inflammation of the womb obtained positive results. 
  • Thousands of couples have benefited from the use of Therapeutic Panties.
  • It also helps to have BETTER SEXUAL PERFORMANCE. 

Therapeutic Panties can help activate the cells of the body to:

  • ✔️ relieve menstrual cramp pain
  • ✔️ prevent the formation of cysts and myoma
  • ✔️ decrease the lumbar pain (back) 
  • ✔️ improve the renal impulse 
  • ✔️ increase the hormonal activity

You will start to see results in just 45 days

(we recommend buying more than one pair).

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