Therapeutic Infrared Bulb

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The Infrared physiotherapy bulb contains far infrared light waves that are beneficial to the human body and can penetrate deep into the skin and subcutaneous tissues to produce temperature control effects and resonance effects.


  • The invisible rays of the Infrared bulb penetrate deep into the body, penetrating deep into muscle, bone, and tissue.
  • The light waves slightly increase the temperature of the body in the vital areas where the light focuses.
  • The natural energy of this bulb is identical to that generated in our own bodies. 
  • The infrared light naturally absorbed into our tissues.  
  • You will feel a gentle warmth within the surrounding area creating a relaxed and serene feeling.
  • Suitable for multiple lamps, in saunas or at home which delivers many hours of affordable therapeutic benefit.


  • Helps advance the immune system, muscle relief, and improve blood circulation.
  • Provides comfortable warmth using infrared technology.
  • Simple and safe heat source with no risk of broken glass.
  • Stimulates micro-circulation delivering high quality of oxygen and nutrients to the body.
  • Use it in your sauna, spa, bathroom shower to create some warmth, or to manage pain.

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  • Color: red
  • Power: 275W
  • Voltage: 110V & 220V
  • Interface: E27
  • Size:183*125mm/7.2*4.9in
  • Usable Life:1200 hours


  • Do not drop the lamp, expose it to impact with hard objects, handle it with force, or scratch the surface. The broken bulb may cause injuries.
  • When replacing the bulb, check the rating (voltage and wattage) and socket base design of the new bulb. Ensure the new bulb in positioned correctly and snap it firmly into the socket.
  • Before replacing the bulb, turn off the lamp, and let the bulb cool down. The hot bulb may cause burns.
  • After replacing the bulb, check to ensure no portion of the light fixtures or electric cord is touching the bulb. If this occurs, the heated fixtures or cord may cause a fire.
  • Keep the bulb out of reach of infants and small children. The hot bulb may cause burns.

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