Retractable Travel Hanger (4pcs)

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  • A collapsible hangers are the perfect choice for travelers like you. You can keep your travel closet organized with this hanger. It is made from durable and lightweight plastic. 
  • Easy to bring everywhere. These hangers can be folded thus it can fit in small pockets of travel bags and luggage.
  • You can use this hanger to organize your travel wardrobe. It can be used for any clothes (Men, Women, Children). You can use it to hang towels, shirts, T-shirts, even socks. Unfold the hanger once, you can use it for your baby's clothes; unfold it twice, you can use it for your own clothing.
  • The hangers have skid-proof shoulders to ensure the safety of your clothes. It is made of durable and lightweight plastic; the joints are fixed with tiny stainless steel screws, which makes it stronger and can accommodate any garment.
  • It can save space in your luggage. 
  • This perfectly designed hanger has a thin side that allows you to hang more clothes in less space. When not in use, it can be folded for easy storage in luggage.


    • COMPACT FOR EASY STORAGE:  With a slim, compact profile that helps to conserve precious space in your closet. Space-saving and no hassle at all.

    • REALLY SMART AND PRACTICAL. It’s for baby’s clothes when it’s half unfolded, while it’s for adult’s clothes when it’s fully unfolded. Clothes can be held firmly.

    • SKID-PROOF DESIGN. Allows you to keep your clothes in place without falling or sagging and protects delicate garments. This is ergonomically designed ends to preserve garment shape. This pack will help you organize your dresses, pants, coats, suits, and the like making your closet neat-looking as it should.
    • HIGH QUALITY AND LIGHTWEIGHT. Very convenient to carry around either for traveling, hiking, camping or even for home-use.
    • Product Color: Pink, Blue, Green Yellow
    • Quantity: 4pcs
    • Item Type: Clothes Hangers


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