Magic Embroidery Pen

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Embroidery is made easier with this Magic Embroidery Pen! Have fun doing punching technique and enjoy making your own unique embroidery design.


  • Magic Embroidery Pen Set. Embroidery Pen provides the dedicated needles and butterfly applique embroidered patterns,which can be easy. and convenient to embroider a beautiful piece of Artwork or a DIY sewing.
  • Easy to Operate: Just use the stitching punch needles to poke repeatedly the pre-designed and painted sample in front of the cloth, This embroidery tools and supplies with pouch needle holder is perfect for beginner or child who want to learn embroidery.
  • Material: plastic + silica gel. Size:Approx.13*2cm. 
  • Threading Method: From the middle of a straight tail threading device, thread threading device, threading device taking threading device through the tip aperture from the outside to the inside of penetration, will pass through the line from the tail again through the line, taking the threading device.


  • PERFECT SIZE FOR COMFORTABLE USE: Needle sizes included in this kit are 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2.25mm and 3mm approximately in length. The threaders are 18cm in length while the handle measures 11cm in length by 1.5cm in width. This tool is lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfort, allowing you to move around freely without applying too much tension and making it perfect for users with arthritis.
  • WHY USE EMBROIDERY: Many people love embroidery as it is such a pretty and delicate art that can transform any textile item with flowers, writing, patterns, patches and so much more! This Needle punch tool will help to make sure your work turns out perfect every time by doing the hard work for you- keeping your thread clear and tangle free while also helping you maintain an even flow.
  • BEST MATERIALS TO USE: We recommend using good quality floss, yarn, thread, ribbon or silk with the correct fabric thread count to get the best results. This tool kit makes crafting such fun while being portable, easy to learn and difficult to put down! Simply insert your chosen fabric into an embroidery hoop, secure it, pick a pattern from a book or magazine and you are ready to start.
  • SUITABLE FOR MANY STITCHING METHODS: With this needle you can back-stitch, loop, satin stitch and more! This punch needle set will do all you need to complete any project. These needles make stitching as quick as drawing a picture! Its such a new and exciting way to create custom three dimensional designs in needle artwork without the need for an expensive machine or accessories.


  • 1 x handle
  • 3 x needle
  • 2 x lines

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