Vibrant Glamour™ Hair Growth Essence

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It all starts with a healthy scalp. Hair Growth Essence has invigorating blend of extracts and essential nutrients that fortifies and energizes hair from roots to tips, helping reduce hair thinning.
It is gentle yet effective. It has antioxidants specially formulated to effectively treat thinning, damaged and/or color-treated hair. Gentle enough for daily use.


    • It can stimulate hair health and re-growth.
    • It enhances and making tough the hair quality.
    • Prevent your hair from fracture and damage.
    • It could also help you to increase hair elasticity, speeding up the hair growth and cleaning deposit dirty on sebum of pore thoroughly
    • It is suitable for hair loss caused by excessive hair oil in the early and middle stage.
    • Net Weight: 1.05 fl.oz / 30ml


    • Balances oil and rebuilds scalp barrier function. First, control scalp oil secretion, a lot of oil will block the hair follicles, blocking pores and nutrient absorption.
    • Restore scalp activity and reduce hair loss and broken hair. Plant active essence nourishes hair follicles, restores scalp in a healthy micro-environment, repairs damaged hair follicles, and repair the nutrient supply.
    • Improve the nutrient supply, strengthen hair core and firm hair roots. Insist on use, the nutrients are continuously delivered to the core, making the hair to become tough and strong.
    • Solve all kinds of hair loss problems. A safe and effective strategy to prevent hair loss and retake control of your hairline. Makes hair follicle nourishing and active for hair restoration. Effectively promote hair growth to make hair thick and shiny.

        HOW TO USE


        • Wash your hair and rub it until dry.
        • Take appropriate amount of this product and evenly apply it to the hair loss area.
        • Massage the hair loss area for 2-3 mins with finger pulp or massage stick.


        Polygonum extract, Ginseng extract, Panax notoginseng root extract, Raspberry fruit extract, Ginger, Chinese Arborvitae Twig Panthenol, Ceramide 3, Phenoyethanol


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