Hair and Beard Growth Essence

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  • Grow Beard 2-3 Times Faster!
  • Make Hair Smooth and Healthy.
  • Grow Healthy Thick Hair!
  • Effective, sustainable and lasting!
  • Size: 20ml




    • Mix 4-6 drops with shampoo, then massage onto scalp for 3 minutes to make the essence to absorb well on the scalp.
    • For easier use, Add 3-6 ml Hair Growth Essence Into 100ml Shampoo (Natural / Organic) and Mix Evenly.
    • Use As You Normally Wash Your Hair & Use Your Hand to Rub Your Hair and Massaging the Scalp with Fingertips 3-5 Min.
    • Then Rinse off With Warm Water. Can Be Used for Daily Hair Wash.

      ON BEARD

      • Apply Directly on the Desired part where you wanna grow your Beard.
      • Massage for 2-3 min.
      • Then Let it dry for 2-3 hours or more.
      • Then Rinse off With Warm Water (Optional).


        • Sensitive skin: Mix 3 milliliters of Andre Hair Growth Essence with 100ml of moisturizer/shampoo and massage into the desired area. Leave in for a few minutes and rinse with water. 
        • Normal skin: Apply two drops of Andrea Hair Growth Essence in the palm of your hand and massage into the desired area. Massage it for a few minutes and Let it dry for 2-3 Hours.


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