Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

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Protect your hands from smoking hot cooking surfaces and kitchenware!

Indoor or Outdoor, you'll find many ways to use these gloves. Forget your flimsy old pot holders and try these instead for cooking and baking. Protect yourself from the flames of charcoal or gas grill, bonfire, campfire and more.


  • PROTECTS YOU FROM EXTREME HEAT. Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves are designed with the 3 layers - each layer functions for different utilities. The black colored outer layer is made of 100% Meta-Aramid Nomex Fiber EN407 Certified making it a perfect protection from extreme heat resistant up to 932° Fahrenheit.

  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION AND COMFORT. 3 layers of thermal insulation with silicone, Aramid fiber, and thick cotton; Extra long design for more protection when you reach a higher temperature in the oven or grill; Soft cotton lining ensures comfort and no sweaty hands; Machine washable; Thick but lightweight.
  • FLEXIBLE AND NON-SLIP. 5 finger flexibility and seamless design with non-slip silicone grip; Easy to put on and off, either left or right hand; Fitted for men and women.
  • WATERPROOF. You will appreciate the extra protection from the cold elements and also waterproof.

  • DURABILITY, EASY TO CLEAN & STORE. Outer layer is made of 100% Meta Aramid Nomex Fiber which won't catch fire while the inner material is made of Polyester + Cotton mix polycotton. You can ensure strength and durability. You can clean it easily in Washing Machine or with your hands even after heavy kitchen session -- these strong loops are helpful for drying and hanging off the gloves.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. Handling hot steel, glass, and porcelain; barbecue microwave oven; high temperature and cold environment, metal stamping work and other industries that need heat resistance; remove hot rubber and thermoplastic from the mold.


  • 14-inch Length
  • Slip-resistant design
  • Made of Aramid 1313+ Cotton + Silicone
  • Non-slip, Wear-resistant, high-temperature resistance
  • Can be used in grilling, oven, pot holder, welding etc.
  • 1 order includes 1 pair of Extreme Heat-resistant Gloves

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