Blind Spot Eliminator Extension Side Mirrors

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A driver's ultimate solution to blind spot problems. No more sudden surprises from vehicles suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Travel with peace of mind and safe from uncalled accidents.


  • Driving would be a lot safer with these mirrors attached to your original side mirrors. 
  • Very easy to install.
  • Perfectly fits any vehicles.
  • Wide angle coverage.
  • High-quality mirrors.
  • Easy to adjust to fit your preference.


Won't it cause issues with Land Transportation Office Rules and Regulations?

  • There are existing extension side mirrors that are already being used and LTO allows it. These extension side mirrors are usually placed on the far-end of the vehicle's hood.
  • Another type of extension side mirrors are those concave mirrors placed on top of the original side mirrors.
  • These new blind spot eliminator extension side mirrors apply the same concept as mentioned above and the only difference is where they are placed. 
Is it easy to remove? It might get stolen.
  • It won't be that easy to detach unless the thief has a screwdriver with him and is really quick to loosen all 4 screws without anyone noticing.


  • Select your preferred spot on top of your original side mirror. It is highly recommended to place it on the middle on both sides.
  • Before clipping the extension side mirrors using the screws, we recommend that you put a tiny piece of cardboard (folded paper will do) or a tiny piece of plastic on top of your original side mirrors.
  • Tighten the screws and make sure that the extension side mirrors are properly and tightly secured. The tiny piece of cardboard or plastic will prevent the screws from directly scratching your original side mirror's paint.
  • Sit on the driver's seat and adjust the mirrors accordingly.

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