Anti-Snore Ring

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Help Stop Snoring with Anti-Snore Ring

An anti-snore ring is a non-invasive anti-snoring option created using the ancient Chinese principles of acupuncture and acupressure. Using the theory of “meridians,” or nerve pathways that link pressure points throughout the body with major organs, anti-snore rings alleviate airway blockages to reduce snoring. 


  • An anti-snore ring is worn nightly on the little finger to reduce or stop snoring.
  • The ring is outfitted with 2 “acupoints” that put pressure on the inside and outer edge of the pinky finger.
  • According to the acupuncture principles, these pressure points are directly linked to a person’s airway passages, facilitating easier breathing.


Size Suitable Finger Circumference
XS 4-4.5cm / 1.6-1.8inch
S 4.6-5cm / 1.8-2inch
M 5.1-5.7cm / 2-2.2inch
L 5.8-6.5cm / 2.3-2.6inch
XL 6.6-7.5cm / 2.6-3.0inch


  • Anti-snore rings are one of the most natural and least invasive methods to relieve snoring.
  • Worn on the little finger, there is minimal discomfort associated with wearing an anti-snore ring. Many appreciate the simple, non-invasive design and ease of using the ring. 

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