AcuMat™ Therapeutic Mat & Pillow

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Our organic, cotton and linen spiked mats are just what your body needs for pain relief, healing or better blood circulation. It is inspired by the ancient Indian healing tradition that is believed to have been around for thousands of years. The thousands of spikes that have been strategically placed on the mat are harmless to the skin and gives you the best massage for healing.


  • Acupressure Mat relieves stress, aches, pains, muscle tension, and increases blood circulation.
  • Helps with back pain, tension, stiffness, insomnia, fatigue and many other conditions.
  • Stimulates points per Chinese traditional medicine and activates the body's own production of two substances, helps to relax.
  • Every nail has 27 acupressure points embedded on the surface. 
  • Can be used at home, spa, office, etc.
    • Increases blood flow and dig deep into the belly of your muscles.
    • The perfect assistant for self-treatment.
    • You can practice yoga poses.
    • It gives happiness, a clearer mind, more energy, and relaxation.
    • Relieves neck and back pain.
    • Reduce blood pressure.
    • It gives you a professional massage.
    • This consist of a thin mat covered with ABS plastic spikes.
    • Each mat has over 5,000 lotus-like spikes.
    • Comes with different colors available.
    • Simple solid pattern. 

      • Acupressure is a form of physical therapy and The Mat simply allows easy self-treatment.
      • It can work in two distinct ways to enhance your athletic performance.
      • If used briefly before exercise, the effect of the acupressure is to excite the nerves, preparing the body for peak performance.
      • When used for longer periods of time, the Mat can aid muscle relaxation and increase joint lubrication.

      • Balance sports (skiing, snowboarding, skating, surfing).
      • Exercises involving balance like squats and lunges.
      • Running and boxing.


        • Running
        • Biking
        • Rowing
        • Exercises on legs like squats, lunges, and dead-lifts


          • Contact sports like rugby or league
          • Rowing
          • Upper back exercises like shoulder presses, chin-ups, and deadlifts


            • During rest periods during intense ab workouts
            • Core exercises

              LOWER BACK

              • Lower back exercises like hyper-extensions or deadlifts
              • Rowers
              • Back recovery from various sports



                • Material: Composite Material
                • Color: Green, Black, Purple, Blue, Orange, Pink, Dark Green, Apple Green
                • Mat Size: Approx 67 x 42 cm
                • Pillow Size: Approx 37 x 15 x 10 cm

                PACKAGE INCLUDE

                • 1 x Acupressure Mat
                • 1 x Pillow

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