12 Holes Ocarina

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Professional 12 Hole Alto C Smoked Ceramic Ocarina Tenor comes with a fingering chart and a songbook, as well as a strap. This handcrafted ocarina is a high-quality, kiln-fired ceramic instrument tuned by professional. An easy-to-learn piece which can be mastered in a short period of time, with the ability to spend years. The protective bag is beautiful and it can protect the ocarina from damage. 


  • Portable - small size and come with a cloth bag for carrying and storage.
  • Easy to Learn color stickers and transparent note stickers help you remember and recognize the keys.  
  • Excellent Material - made of a selection of   Ceramic producing a warm and sweet sound.
  • Careful design, selection of materials, excellent workmanship" makes our ceramic ocarina as a professional musical instrument-- not just a cheap prop, or plastic toy.
  • Has very beautiful and natural sound. Easily to play and it is widely popular for musician, music lover and private collectorsstudentsgift idea, etc.
  • Can master the entire Musical instrument in an hour. It is an easy-to-learn piece of musical instrument which you can master it in a short period of time. The Ocarina is the perfect instrument to practice techniques and articulations, rhythms, speed development, precision, note transitions, and different musical styles


  • Easy to play, you just need to blow and control your fingers on the holes to make a great sound.
  • Stage Standard. The sound of Ocarina is very good and can be used directly on the stage.
  • Easy to tune you Ocarina. You don't have to worry about the tune, because Ocarina is automatically adjusted.
  • Made from solid high-quality ceramic, to make sure the sound is better.
  • It has a cool and fashionable design which can also decorate your house.
  • If you are a music or game enthusiast, you will love this piece so much!
  • This product suits everyone.


  • Material: Dolomite
  • Key Material: Ceramic
  • Number of Holes: 12(12)
  • Model: 12 holes C tone
  • Pitch: Alto C
  • Range: More than an octave and half (13 notes) in C Major Key


  • 1 x Bag
  • 1 x Rope
  • 1 x Ocarina
  • 1 Sheet Music


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