Collapsible Martial Arts Metal Staff

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With the rampant street crimes nowadays, we must ensure our very own safety and learn to protect ourselves anytime, anywhere with the help of this Portable Self-Defense Staff. 

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  • This metal staff extends from 5cm to 120cm in just seconds!  
  • This metal staff extends from 5cm to 120cm in just seconds! In times of danger, you can silently pop it open and defend yourself from anyone. 
  • You can also carry it with you anywhere you like. With its concealable form, no one would ever notice you have it with you.
  • With its durable build, it is frequently used in martial arts. Just press the button at the bottom and it will instantly release the staff.


  • This cane made from metal, so this cane will appear in the blink of an eye!
  • This cane has one- touch-opening system. (Recoil-Stopper). It makes easier to use!
  • Professional quality, light-weight, fast silent operation, safe operation oil not required
  • Harmless to silks, high-gloss black finish is extremely durable and long lasting! Silk not included. Mahka appearing cane (silver) metal. 

Defend yourself against any attack. From awareness and prevention to realistic functional self-defense techniques, do it all only with the Portable Self-Defense Staff! 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to close it carefully and as shown in the tutorial to avoid cutting yourself on the sharp edges! It needs practice.