Automatic Fish Trap

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  • The portable net comes in 4 to 16 traps depending on your needs.
  • Have more trap openings can catch fishes faster.
  • It is convenient and simple to use.
  • No need to install anything.
  • Height: Approx. 37cm / 13.3in
  • Weight: 328g  


  • Easy To Use. Automatic telescopic fishing trap.
  • Compatibility. The net trap is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater.
  • Catches Everything. Outer large and internal small, can hold all the fishes.
  • High Quality. Fishing net trap with 360° design with a mesh made of high precision nylon.
  • Durable. Quality and durable steel wire support.
  • Special double zipper. Design for easy take out the prey.
  • 360-degree design. Perfect for catching smelt, eels, crab, lobster, minnows, and shrimp.


  • Cage on the position of water plants better, in the depth of 1-3 meters is appropriate.
  • When using the bait please note: food can be added with soybean meal, rapeseed dry powder, peanut powder, bread or leftovers and so on.
  • Add flavor, rapeseed dry powder, peanut dry powder, rice, bread, etc. 
  • The number of fishing and weather put the location of the fish cage, bait recipe, take the fish trap interval and other factors are related.


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